Reverse Osmosis Can Save The Northern Marianas

Saving The Northern Marianas With Reverse Osmosis Seventy-two percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. Then why are countries like the Northern Mariana Islands suffering from a shortage of water? Simply put, 97 percent of the water on Earth is saltwater and not suitable for human consumption. That is why Governor Ralph Torres […]

Domestic Reverse Osmosis Systems 101

Domestic RO Systems 101 Are you thinking of getting a filtration system for your kitchen sink? There are numerous options for you to consider. If you want a lower end upgrade, just get a filter pitcher. If you want something a little more high end though, consider a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtering System. Not […]

Advantages of Reverse Osmosis

As we know from previous posts, reverse osmosis (RO) is a process by which dissolved, inorganic materials are removed from a solution. The normal reverse osmosis process for water requires it to move from the tap through a thin semipermeable membrane that allows only the water to pass through. The impurities are held behind and […]

Reverse Osmosis Applications

So by now we know what reverse osmosis is and how it works.  We also know the basics about the RO membrane and about the different types of reverse osmosis systems out there.  So of what use is all of this if we don’t actually know about its applications?  Not a lot.  So now I want […]

Reverse Osmosis Membrane – The Basics

Reverse osmosis membranes, also called thin-film composite membranes (TFC), are membranes made specifically for water purification.  Thin-film composite membranes are made out of a material called polyamide, which is a semi -crystalline polymer.  Polyamides have excellent mechanical properties.  They are tear-proof and abrasion resistant, very strong and very resilient, but at the same time stretchy and […]

Reverse Osmosis Water – Is it distilled?

Yes, yes it is.  Next question.  Just kidding.  Let’s elaborate.  First, lets define what is distilled water. Distilled water is water that is devoid of minerals.  It is obtained by a process called distillation, in which water is boiled.  The steam from the boiled water, which is just water, since all the minerals are heavier […]