An advertisement for Resveratrol Extra Strength T98, which we published on this website, should not have been published.
In the advertisement we unlawfully made claims that our products could have benefits by turning on “the longevity gene” and benefits in relation to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cataracts, mental decline, heart attack, chronic fatigue and high cholesterol, and other serious health concerns. We also unlawfully stated that the product was TGA certified, that it was safe and that it was a guaranteed or sure cure.

A complaint about the advertisement was recently upheld by the Complaints Resolution Panel. We provided insufficient evidence to support the claims we made, and the Panel found that the claims were unlawful, misleading, and unverified and breached the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code.
The Panel therefore requested that Healthy Action publish this retraction.
The full text of the Panel’s determination can be found at:

Resveratrol is a compound that occurs naturally in nature, and has recently been proven by science to possess some very unique qualities, being shown to assist in the following areas of health;

 Trans Resveratrol 400mg (Extracted from the Polygonum Cuspidatum plant)...

    A powerful Anti Oxidant

    Stops free radicals and assists skin health     

    Assists with cardiovascular health / circulation  

    Assists healthy visual / eye function

 Resveratrol - Nature's Little Secret...

Resveratrol is a poly - phenolic compound found in a number of foods such as grapes, purple grape juice, red wine, peanuts, and some berries. The medical community and scientists alike became interested in the health virtues of this supplement when the French Paradox was revisited.

As red wine is intrinsic to their diet, it was soon discovered that the compound resveratrol was found in unusally high concentrations in much of the red wine commonly consumed in these regions!  Trans - Resveratrol: A Magical Elixir of Eternal Youth?

Scientists first tested their hypothesis on the humble yeast, and it was found that their life expectancy was increased by upwards of 70%. Though compelling, there is an enormous jump from yeast to mammals, so the scientific community waited with baited breath until a study was released in late 2006 by the Harvard Medical School finding that resveratrol was also found to extend the life of mice by an average of 30% - and this was with mice that were middle aged to begin with! Resveratrol improves health and survival of mice on a high-calorie diet

What is even more interesting to note is the study intentionally used overfed mice so as to induce many of the pathologies that humankind suffer from before the study began, and guess what - virtually all of the illnesses found within the control group were eliminated with those mice that underwent the resveratrol programme!

Below may well be one of the most powerful 4 minute clips you will ever see... 


How Quickly is your Biological Clock Ticking? 


One Capsule of our Trans - Resveratrol Product is Equivelent to MANY Glasses of Red Wine...

What Makes Our Resveratrol Better Than Most?

  • Our formulation uses only the trans - grade resveratrol, which has been shown to be more bio active than other forms of resveratol. - Always demand access to recent independant lab testing! 
  • Over 420mg of Polygonum Cuspidatum Sourced Trans resveratrol per serving - there are few formulations that can compare to this potency.
  • Our resveratrol product is sourced from a GMP approved and HACCP certified company. Quality is thus assured with our product.
  • We do not use fillers within our formulation - so no silica, quercetin, oatbran, glidants, and other such addidives. This makes for a better quality product, but a more difficult capsule to manufacture.

One of the most effective, powerful and pure trans - resveratrol products available in Australia.

  "How can you improve your general health & wellbeing, increase your endurance, and obtain a greater level of balance within your life?"

 The Longevity Factor is the clearest and most concise summary on anti aging and the life improving qualities of resveratrol to date." Robert M. Goldman., Ph.D., D.O., FAASP: chairman, World Academy of Anti - Aging Medicine.


      Why Resveratrol is such a Unique Supplement

The reason why this potent supplement is creating such a stir within the scientific community is that it has demonstrably shown beyond any measure off a doubt to be one of the most potent antioxidants available in the marketplace today.

Aging Occurs on a Molecular Level...As the body ages we become less & less effective at maintaining true copies of our cells - hence forth the visable signs of aging begin to appear (unfortunately as we age the cellular breakdown becomes more & more rapid), thus requiring a greater nutritional intervention to support basic bodily functions. Resveratrol, being such a potent & well researched anti oxidant, has been shown to provide this protective support that so many of us require! 

 Read further at Resveratrol: a multitargeted agent for age-associated chronic diseases


Resveratrol is quickly becoming one of the most comprehensively studied longevity compounds, and as it's becoming increasingly clear that it lives up to its reputation.



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